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When aliens started to attack girls from earth, we found it logical. So logically, we ended regulating it so attacks weren't indiscriminate. Things started to get really strange when some aliens asked for specific things. Like a girl on a rice-flavored latex catsuit. Not that wasn't too difficult to do (the technology was available thanks to the aliens themselves anyway) but certainly things were going totally out of our hands by that time.
Do you know what's hentai like?
A private service available to only the filty rich enough, the hentai room. The department of interestellar inmigration found easier to keep this vicious alien inside this facility and ask volunteers to keep it satisfied, instead of letting it roam the streets of the red district. But then the volunteers spreaded the word, until the DII had a queue of horny girls around the whole building and a couple blocks more. The bondage gear is but an acquired taste of the creature from all its visitors, specially this one.
Hi everyone, thanks a lot for you favs, patience and desperation. Sorry I can't post stuff more regularly but my life's been kinda out of spare time since I've been taking two jobs. Fortunately, my second job is a lot rewarding, if a little more demanding (sometimes) than the other one, which pays my bills.

And there's my little Kitten.

I've been in love with her for three months and 10 days already, which by far have been the happiest of my life. We share many interests and have taken a few new ones from each other. Among these, she picked my interest in bondage, so we're sharing this wonderful experience now, learning bit by bit and driving each other crazy through it.

Of course it was kinda strange and a bit scary at first, you never know how anybody will react to bondage and the fact that you like it. But from the beggining I was okey if she didn't like it and I told her so. Your partner always has the right to have their own fetishes you know? To my surprise, she said she found me even more interesting now.

Well, I showed her my drawings and she liked them so much I've started drawing her, and since she's okay with me sharing them with you, it looks like you'll be seeing plenty of her from now on. Though not as much as me ;D

Anyway, whenever you feel like it and think that maybe your other self may enjoy sharing this experience with you, be open, be proud, be playful, clearly state that this is a game and not an obligation, show them some of my most vanilla stuff or whatever other you like and very very slowly, go deeper into the subject with as much mistery as you like. Cut it out if you see any clearly negative reaction and always see to your significant other needs.

And that's it. I love my little Kitten, and now she loves bondage.


Hola a todos, gracias por ponerme entre sus favoritos, por su paciencia y desesperación. Lamento no poder postear mis trabajos mas regularmente pero a mi vida se le agotó un poco el tiempo libre desde que he tomado dos trabajos. Afortunadamente mi segundo trabajo es mas agradable, si bien (a veces) me demanda mas tiempo del otro, que es el que me da de comer.

Y está mi Gatita.

He estado enamorado de ella por los ultimos tres meses y 10 días, que por mucho, han sido los más felices de mi vida. Compartimos muchos intereses y hemos tomado algunos intereses nuevos uno del otro. Entre estos, ella ha tomado mi interés por el bondage, asi que ahora estamos compartiendo esta experiencia maravillosa, aprendiendo poco a poco y volviendonos locos el uno a otro a través de ella.

Desde luego fue algo extraño y daba un poco de miedo al inicio; nunca sabes cómo reaccionará otra persona al bondage y al hecho de que te guste. Pero desde el inicio yo estaba bien con que a ella no le gustase y se lo dije. Tu pareja tiene derecho a tener sus propios fetiches, despues de todo. Para mi sorpresa, ella me dijo que me encontraba incluso más interesante ahora.

Bueno, le mostré mis dibujos y le gustaron tanto que he empezado a dibujarla, y ya que a ella le parece bien que los comparta con ustedes, parece que van a ver mucho de ella de ahora en adelante. Pero no tanto como yo ;D

Como sea, cuando quiera que les parezca apropiado y crean que su pareja podría disfrutar compartir esta experiencia con ustedes,  sean abiertos, háganlo con orgullo, sean juguetones, dejen muy en claro que s un juego y no una obligación, muestrenles algo de mi trabajo más light o cualquier otro que les guste y muy muy despacio profundicen en el tema, con tanto misterio como les guste. Córtenla si ven cualquier clara reaccion negativa y siempre fijense en las necesidades de su pareja antes que en las propias.

Y eso es todo. Amo a mi Gatita, y ahora ella ama el bondage.


Alan Smithey
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Digital fetish artist, now spending most of my time in non-fetish art, sorry... however I still try to make a piece or two once in a while.

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FanArtFantast Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015
Welcome back!!
kristine301 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2015

Love your artwork! So deliciously nasty and creative! Just want to encourage you to keep going!

I especially adore: and

ninjapunchy Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for watching!
denkira7 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
missed your stuff.come back soon :)
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Unbelievable work! Love latex bondage =D
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Can you do a latex bondage commisions for me?
Majk04 Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Do you do commissions?
MADstarter Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde la última vez que charlamos, pero me alegra saber que has vuelto a subir nuevos dibujos, estimado. :) Todos ellos de muy buena factura. ;) ¿Cómo has estado? :D
The-Divine-Creator Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have earned yourself another Watcher, my friend.

Your artwork is amazing, it appeals to me in more ways than one (if you know what I mean? *grins* )
dannysuling Featured By Owner May 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Got back here for a visit, and was delighted by the three or so recent additions to your gallery. Your work is such an interesting combination of precision and pose. And the facial expression work is wonderful!
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